Message from the President

Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan
President Masamitsu Iseri


Recently, numerous photocatalytic products can be seen around us. Photocatalyst is a catalyst which shows strong activity due to light, and thus fulfills the function of decomposing organic matter, etc. Taking advantage of this function, photocatalyst is expected to be beneficial in self-cleaning, air purification, antibacterial effects, water purification, breaking down toxic substances, and the prevention of food poisoning and infectious diseases. For these uses, applications of photocatalysis are being developed in order to improve the global environment in a wide range of fields.

Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan Background and Purpose of Establishment

Photocatalysis is grabbing attention both in Japan and abroad, and up to now, two industry groups, Society of Industrial Technology for Photocatalytic Articles and Photocatalyst Products Forum, have taken a leading role in the field. While the JIS test methods were in the process of being established, we considered it urgent to set industry standards for the products, and clearly show consumers their performance and safety. Therefore, the industry united to establish this industry association in April, 2006.

The purpose of the industry association is to contribute to people's daily lives by improving the quality of photocatalytic products and informing society about them.

Providing Accurate Information

First of all, we, as the industry association, will draft guidelines in sequence for how to indicate the results of the JIS test methods, instructions for that indication, and products' performance, safety, etc. so that we can provide consumers with information about photocatalytic products in a straightforward manner. Then, we will determine the products' specifications.

At the same time, we hold workshops and encourage the new entry of enterprises which are carrying out research and development. We are also working to promote photocatalytic products in the marketplace, by annually organizing "Global Market For Photocatalysis, Japan."

Goal of Photocatalytic Products

When I am asked, "What is the goal of photocatalytic products?" I often reply, "acrylic coating applied to a lot of products." General consumers aren't usually aware of acrylic coating when they purchase, for example, wood furniture. Companies well understand the necessity of the coating, while consumers take it for granted as part of the property of wood furniture. Likewise, anyone can utilize photocatalysis appropriately as a kind of topcoat, and that it will become widespread as an ordinary coating agent may well be the goal.


Photocatalytic technology is a promising environmental technology originating in Japan. It has great prospects for a large market in the future. We are looking forward to developing high-sensitive photocatalytic materials applicable for indoor use, in which massive expansion is expected from now on. We hope photocatalysis can make great strides as products or technology becomes more useful and familiar to all.

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