Message from the President

Photocatalyst is a world-leading technology born in Japan. Photocatalyst is attracting attention as a technology that solves energy and environmental problems and a health-protecting technology also.
We, Photocatalyst Industry Association (PIAJ) want to develop the related industries and contribute to the improvement of people’s lives by improving photocatalyst technology and supplying high-quality products to the market.
We regard the photocatalyst market enhancement and the standardization of photocatalyst performance test methods (JIS / ISO) as the two wheels of our activities. For this purpose, we have established the photocatalyst product certification system and certification mark “PIAJ mark” as proof of reliable photocatalyst products.

In order to promote market recognition of photocatalyst products, we have been doing joint promotion “Kirei JAPAN” activities of the PIAJ members. In that activity, some members gave us the comment “Photocatalyst should be more useful in infectious disease control, and we want to fully appeal the photocatalyst functions to the customer.”
In the activity of standardization and product certification, we are discussing and considering the next target of photocatalyst function for the activity by considering changes in the market environment.

In order to sustain these new initiatives and activities, we need to continue transforming ourselves with the member’s voices and the advice of government and academia. We look forward to your continuous support and cooperation.

Photocatalysis Industry Association of Japan
President Kazumasa Okita